About us and why us

We are a translation agency specializing in large and continuous translation and localization projects, as well as in services by certified court interpreters, which need modern translation technology and top translators in order to be realized. We translate from English, German, Russian, Czech, Slovene and Serbian into Croatian and vice versa.

We specialize in translation projects which, due to their large volume, require participation of a large number of translators when creating translations, the use of modern translation computer tools and special processes and measures needed to realize terminological and stylistic consistency of translation. We are capable of guaranteeing high volume translations in real time where it cannot be recognized that they were made by several translators. We work exclusively for known clients on the basis of long-term partnerships. We make sure that our processes (organizational, technological etc.) are completely adapted to the structure and processes of every business partner. Our level of adaptation to business partners is such that they can feel as if they have their own translation department.

The company was founded in Zagreb in 2003 and it has a team of full-time employed translators as well as permanent external co-workers. Over many years of collaboration we have managed to create such mutual interconnection, so we can talk about team work even in the area of translation, which is highly individual intellectual creative work. All our translators have university education and they are continually engaged in their professional development in the field of the Croatian language development and other fields important to our partners with the aim to satisfy the users of partner solutions. Our employees and co-workers are highly familiarized with our clients' needs and by mastering several computer translation tools they employ their advantages to the maximum in order to optimize translation time and reduce costs for clients as well as the process of localization. Every day they create new translation and terminology bases as an added value for current and future translation projects.

The company is a member of ELIA, (European Language Industry Association) a professional association for the exchange of know-how and the development of business relations among its members.
For the purpose of experience exchange and improvement of translation quality we co-operate with other SAP translation vendors in the region, such as Ceformt, SLSP and Proverbum.

The combination of knowledge, experience and love for languages is what makes us your reliable partner.